Code Is Art (White) Poster

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Code Is Art. This poster honors two encoding methods that deeply influenced the world. Every letter has its Morse code and binary representation. Both of them are elegant in their own way. The Morse code is made of spaced dots and dashes, and the binary code consists of zeros and ones. Both laid the foundation for modern computing and communication and are used globally to this day.

Also available in black version: Code Is Art (Black)


  • Exclusive theCodexyz design
  • Connects code and art
  • Made using the latest cutting edge printing technology
  • Poster: high-quality eco-solvent poster printed on satin 200gsm paper
  • Every order is custom made just for you
  • Comes as a standard-sized print, framing not included
  • Rolled and delivered in a protective tube, 
  • Global shipping from Europe

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      Code Is Art


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