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Software Engineer at Microsoft
💻 Everything Programming

"I am passionate about learning how things work and enjoy the process of learning new technologies that I can apply to my work and personal projects. I also make videos on YouTube working on programming projects and teaching coding concepts"


Tech & Workspace
💻 WFH Desk, Gadgets, & Code
👩🏽‍💻 Ambassador Program Manager


Developer, Content Creator, Streamer 
EMEA Tech Lead @esteelaudercompanies
👨‍💻 Senior web dev
📸 Junior Twitch streamer
📱 Learning SwiftUI


Desk Setup Enthusiast

Software Engineer at @General Motors (GM)

setup/tech content creator and a Notion Creator

"My passion is to learn, create and share"

"Investing in a productive workspace unlocks innate creativity you never knew existed"


"I'm a software engineer and I figured adding some software-related items to my space would be a nice touch"

-- @umacodes

"These posters are a cherry on top of any setup!"

-- @techwithandrea

"Code-themed posters will enhance your space. These posters are top-quality and they look amazing."


"The quality of their posters is second to none! Check out their page and get a poster or two to elevate the look of your office"