About Us

Whether we acknowledge it or not, interior design is an important part of our lives. It has a huge impact on our creativity and well-being. It became especially apparent during the pandemic when all of the sudden our homes became our workspaces.

As we spent more and more time at home we started to feel the burning need to redecorate our space. We wanted to change our wall decor in a way that will reflect what we do and our hobbies and passions. We wanted our love for code to be part of our living and working space. After researching the market and not finding anything appealing we thought: “Why not just create something ourselves?”.

We took our first designs to our friend Adam, who runs a printing manufacture. After printing a few samples we liked it so much that we decided it might be cool to share it with the world. That’s how theCode came to life.

by coders for coders - meet the team

We're a trio of friends who decided to team up and create a space where you can find wall art inspired by computer science and code. We all come from different worlds that complement one another. Agnieszka Skupińska is a design part of the team with an eye for detail and fascination for frontend development. Tomasz Skupiński knows the world of programming inside out, as he works as a professional Ruby developer. And Adam Jesionkiewicz who is a hobbyist Python programmer and astrophotographer, takes care of printing our posters and shares his experience gathered while building astrography.com